What to Expect Before, During and After Plastic Surgery

By Top.me

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Plastic surgery could completely transform your life, but undergoing one of those procedures is going to require quite a bit of planning. Even though modern cosmetic procedures are safe and effective, you will need to take some steps if you want to avoid post-op complications and maximize the results. Here is a quick glimpse at what takes place just before a cosmetic procedure and some tips that will help you through your recovery period.

Leading Up to Your Operation

Getting ready for a cosmetic procedure is going to take at least a few weeks, and you should try to schedule your first consultation with Dr. William Carpenter well before you plan on having your surgery carried out. That consultation is going to give Dr. Carpenter the opportunity to take a closer look at your medical history as well as your current health. He will also be able to give you further instructions regarding what steps you must take leading up to the procedure.

A doctor and a nurse examining the woman's face

Before any operations are carried out, patients should try to improve their overall health. Staying healthy is going to greatly reduce your risk of unnecessary post-op complications. If you are currently taking any prescription or over-the-counter medications, then Dr. William Carpenter might need to make some changes to those as well. Certain medications can affect your recovery as well as the results.

The Day of the Procedure

Every single cosmetic procedure is slightly different, but most of those operations take between one and four hours to complete. You should plan on meeting with your plastic surgeon in Dallas at least one hour before the procedure so that you can get comfortable and work with the anesthesiologist. While many procedures can be carried out with a local anesthetic and oral sedative, patients often prefer a general anesthetic so that they remain asleep throughout the entire operation. During the procedure itself, you will be carefully monitored by the surgical team while Dr. Carpenter carries out each individual step.

Immediately After Your Surgery

What takes place during your recovery is going to depend on many different factors, and that includes what type of operation was carried out. As a general rule, patients should plan on recovering in bed for at least a few days following any invasive procedure. After that time, you will be able to move around, bathe, and carry out light housework. Once a few days have passed, you will need to meet with the plastic surgeon in Dallas for a follow-up appointment so that they can take a closer look at the treatment site and your overall recovery

A doctor examining the woman's face after the plastic surgery

By the fourth or fifth week, most patients will fully recover from their cosmetic procedures. When the incisions have fully healed, you should resume exercising so that you can maintain your health. Following a healthy diet, getting plenty of rest, and exercising every day will help you maintain the results and avoid any complications down the line.