Why Diet Plan Is More Important Than Workout Plan

By Top.me

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They all say when you want to lose weight lift some iron at the gym. If you want to gain some weight and muscles then you will be suggested to lift weight at the gym.

All the fitness websites on the internet and videos from fitness experts on YouTube have got us believed that if you want to get a fit body you need to hit the gym and start lifting. But the fact is that the workout you do in the kitchen is more important than you do in the gym. It’s 60 to 70% depending on your diet plan and the rest is what you do in the gym and the field.

Cauliflower overbalance the dumbbells on the weights

There a lot of people saying that no matter how much they break sweat they are not able to lose even a pound in a week. Some people are lifting weights and running in the field and they could get a shape of the muscular body but not a single pound on their body. So such people become pessimistic that it is all in their heredity and may lose all the hope. But before hitting the gym, you should know about what you eat and how much calories you intake. Every gym has a dietician and you can ask him/her about what you need to eat and what you should avoid. They may suggest you have some edibles and other foods which can help to lose weight.

On the other side when you want to get the weight you start eating everything and buy mass gainer and protein powders. But proper guidance from a dietician may lead you to get a proper and balanced diet plan. You need to increase the weight by proper planning and you should start taking meals five times a day in to maintain proper calories intake. 

The Low of Calorie Intake

There is a simple law when you want to lose weight your calories intake should be lower than what you burn in the gym. This is called deficit calorie intake. For example, if you are taking 2000 calories a day then to lose weight approximately a pound or two in the week, you may have to burn up to 1800 or more than that in the gym and you can keep track of that by your diet and workout plan.

You may have to avoid foods which have more calories in a little quantity such as sugar, pastries, butter, etc. When you want to gain weight you should apply a vice versa plan. Your calories intake should be higher than how much you burn in the gym. For example, if you usually eat 1800 calories then to increase the weight and muscles you may need to increase it gradually to 2000 and 2200 but keep in mind that your calories burn in the gym should be less than that.

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We would recommend you take calories in multiple meals in a day. If you need 2100 calories in a day then instead of taking three meals of 700 you should take five meals of 420 calories. So your body will always be getting sufficient energy and whenever you get into the gym you will be full of energy.

Instead of trying mass gainers we would suggest you use natural appetizers. So now you know the fact that why you are unable to lose or gain weight in spite of doing all the hard work. Make a proper diet plan with foods which you have to avoid and which you may need daily and we guarantee you that you are likely to get what you want to achieve.