6 Ways Your New Home Can Help You Meet Your Fitness Goals

By Top.me

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Moving to a new home often means that you move away from your friends, some enemies, and your routines.

You probably already know some fitness centres around you that help you keep up with your fitness goals and now are curious about what to look for when searching for a new home so that you are sure to stay on track with your goal to be fit and healthy. 

Look for an Extra Room

A room with fitness equipment and fitness gear, tv and sofa

Maybe you are looking for a home with a particular number of rooms. Consider adding in an extra room that you can convert to a home gym. You can transform that spare bedroom, the office, the den, or even use that extra garage space for your workouts. Adding home gym equipment has never been easier than it is now, and you can choose from small portable pieces to large, sturdy, and durable equipment.

Invest in the House With Outdoor Space

Some exercises like Qi gong, Tai chi, and yoga are best done outdoors. They recommend that you have a connection with the earth, for example, by stepping or sitting on the grass. You can also consider skipping rope outdoors. A garden or a lawn can serve not only as the location for barbecuing and watching the start but also as a home workout location. There are some documented benefits of outdoor exercise, such as warding off Seasonal Affective Disorder, depression, and anxiety. This is because sunshine affects a hormone called serotonin that affects your mood.

Consider the House With the Pool

Swimming is an excellent exercise because it requires you to move your whole body as you overcome water resistance. It works out all your muscles, helps you burn off calories, tones your muscles, and helps build body strength. Besides this, you will also improve your balance, coordination, and posture. Swimming is also a great way to relax and is a low-impact exercise, meaning you face lesser chances of injuries than most other sports. You can easily invite your friends for a splash in the water, and it is a great way to exercise with your kids if you have them

Ask About Extra Facilities

Maybe your new estate has an open track where you can go running. Or, perhaps, there are many winding roads where you can ride your bicycle. Are there any gyms in the area? These are some things to consider if fitness is one of your primary goals. Gyms aside, running and jogging are low-impact in terms of cost. They help you tone up, build those muscles, lose that extra weight, and burn those calories. Another advantage is you can do them on your own or invite a couple of neighbors to join you so you can psyche each other up.

Little girl in pinky t-shirt is biking outside next to the river

You can perform various exercises on your stairs from jogging up and down the stairs several times a day to pushups and lunges. You can decide to work out with or without equipment. You can even decide to move heavy things up and down the stairs several times a day to burn some extra calories. Research shows that stair-climbing is good for strengthening and toning your leg muscles, keeping your leg arteries flexible, and allowing better blood flow. You don’t even need to live in a 5 level house to have enough stairs. Just one level is enough, as you can go up and down several times.

Living far From the Amenities

Let’s say you live at the far end of the estate and shops and other amenities are on the other end, you can either decide to drive or to walk. Exercise doesn’t have to be vigorous. You can lose some weight, improve your joint health, and improve your breath just by walking. You can also build some muscle as you lag that shopping back to your house. The extra sunshine you get on the way will also help you improve your mood and regulate your circadian rhythm, which is excellent for improved sleep.

Another thing you can consider is investing in a house with a functional kitchen. Whether you like them small or spacious, this is the place where you prepare those healthy means to support your fitness goals. Make sure it is a space you enjoy being in. Feel free to add in devices that support your health goals in terms of healthy meal preparation such as an air fryer or a blender.

The benefits of exercise and keeping fit cannot be exhausted. As you go through a real estate MLS such as Movoto, you can ask an agent to help you pick a home that factors in any of the things listed above.