7 Tips To Create an Effective Workout Habit for 2015

By Top.me

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Establishing new habits is easier said than done. Each year we promise to become better, healthier and stronger. How do we create workout habits that stick?

1. Change Your Identity

 Running Girl

What you do now is a mirror image of the type of person you believe that you are. To change you need to start believing new things about yourself. Decide the type of person you want to be and then it will be easier to change your actions.

For example, a person who works out consistently is the type of person who can become strong. Develop the identity of someone who works out first, and then move on to performance and appearance later.

Make it a goal to be the type of person who never misses the workout or who eats healthier. 

2. Keep Your Goals Short 

List of Goals 

People are lazy by nature so making changes is a kind of stress for us. Better pick one thing, give your body and mind some time to get used to it, work over it gradually over a month. You’ll see how changes  happen automatically. Only then add a new habit.

3. Make It Simple

 Small Goals

Keep your goals simple and short. This way it’s more likely that you  stick to them. Setting something big creates a lot of excuses. Make one goal, and focus on sticking to it for one month.

4. Keep It Clear

Girl Achieved the Goal

Don’t set lofty goal such as “I want to exercise more”, “I want to lose weight”. They are too vague. Be specific! Set goals that so that you can measure your result saying “yes, I did it!” or “no, I didn’t do it”. 


5. Pay For Your Failure!


Many of us keep on setting goals, promise to change something but  fail due to some reasons. We get frustrated but promise ourselves to start new things next month or next year. So we start it over and over again. We have no responsibility when we give up.

To stick to your goals and to succeed you need real drive. Make it more “painful” for you in case you know you can fail.

“If I skip a workout this week I’ll pay for the dinner with my friends ” or “Every time I miss a class I pay 25$ to my coworker.”

6. Use Magic Helpers

Running Woman

Most of us have smart phones – make use of them for your fitness! 

Schedule your workouts in your calendar and set notifications.

There are many fitness applications that will help you to reach your goals fast. These 12 top fitness apps are great for a start! This will hopefully keep you interested and motivated. 

7. Get Support 

 Friends Support

You are not alone! There are friends and family and many other who can support you and back up your initiatives. 

  • Involve them in your fitness plans, work with them to encourage good behaviour and establish new habits. 
  • Communicate with like-minded people more.
  • Start making new friends in the gym and progress together.
  • Be social active on health and fitness forums and sites.
  • Learn more information that can help you succeed.

Ready for a new, healty version of you? Go get started with our 30 day kettlebell challenge. Good luck!