How To Select A Good Aged Care Home?


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It is important to consider some factors before entrusting your loved ones to an aged care home.

To look for the one which can provide their basic and personal needs however is crucial. One way to be certain in choosing a temporary home for elders is by inspecting the place and its staff. It is because of your loved one’s health and safety that is all matters in the end.

Before making a decision, here are the things to look for indicating the aged care home could be the best choice.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Aged Care Home

Young girl is showing something to an old woman and choosing an aged care home

A lot of aged care homes exist and they all guarantee a good life for elders. To better choose which one is best for your seniors, consider the following:


Is that aged care home accredited by the local standards? If yes, then it is a safe choice. The main reason for an aged care home being accredited is the right to get subsidies from the government. It is a huge help to provide for the needs of the elders.

Accredited aged care homes will give families a peace of mind knowing their seniors are in good hands. They also offer a nice facility to bring comfort and improved safety for older individuals.


The location of the aged care home also matters to ensure the elders are getting the right treatment. It must be easy to navigate and access for visitation purposes, as well as to take immediate actions in case of emergency.

Also, consider the temperature level in that place whether it is comfortable for seniors. We all know old people can be impatient sometimes because of the cold and hot environment.

One more thing is the parking area. Is it wide enough to accompany all visitors’ cars? Does the facility provide lifts and ramps, especially those two-story properties? These factors are essential to know to meet specific needs.


A good facility is important to ensure a senior’s comfort. Take a look at every part of the aged care home itself as if you are investigating whether it could be best for your loved ones.

It is best to start inspecting the rooms. There are two room types an aged care home facility can offer – private rooms and shared rooms. The first option is suitable for an elder who desires for its own space, unlike shared rooms that encourage living with others in one room. See whether the rooms are welcoming and can make elders feel at home.

Breakaway spaces must also exist in an aged care home facility. Is the space ideal for accommodating both visitors and the residents? In addition, these spots should be easily accessible for the comfort of the seniors.

There must also be an outdoor space to meet the elder’s need for fresh air. It is also useful for some other fun activities to keep seniors active and happy.

Furthermore, does the facility have complete equipment in case problems occur? You can know this by asking the staff member. An aged care home must obtain special equipment on-site or nearby the facility to take immediate actions, in case needed.

Caretakers or Staff

Caretakers are the ones responsible for the overall wellbeing of the residents in an aged care home. They deal with the elder’s physical and emotional needs and also meet some other specific needs.

Are they friendly during the first impressions? This speaks a lot to finally say these carers can perform a better job.

Caretaker is talking nicely to an old man in an aged care home

Moreover, you need to check the staff-to-resident ratio to assure they can properly assist the residents. Make sure the professional carers are also equipped to do the job.

Evaluate also the way how carers connect with the residents. This plays a big role especially since the elders will live in the facility for a long time. The carers must know each of them personally to easily identify their needs.

Resident Accommodation 

Your loved ones will surely find new friends within the aged care home. Look around and observe the other residents’ experiences. It will help you decide whether it is a safe place for your seniors. New clients can speak with the residents to find out their personal experiences.

Services and Programs

Each aged care home offers almost the same services to meet seniors needs. It should deal with the physical, emotional, and social needs of the elders. Most programs are designed for personal benefits, which means senior’s needs are met individually.

Additionally, you can ask about the meal plans. Some seniors are very sensitive in terms of the food they eat, thus there are a lot of things to consider.

Aged care facilities also support the hobbies of the residents. This helps seniors to stay happy even far from home.

Sometimes elders are also taken off site for an outing but this can rarely happen. The facility will provide a means of transport like a shuttle bus to ensure their safety. Some other social activities include fitness and entertainment.

Best-Recommended Aged Care Home 

In summary, finding the right aged care home takes a lot of decision-making. Several factors must be considered to guarantee senior’s safety and personal needs. Geelong aged care home can take care of your loved ones with the best team to keep them secure and happy at the same time. Meet their staff to get everything settled, with nothing to worry about.