How to Write a Paper When You Have no Motivation


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Every student is well aware of what it feels like to sit down hoping to write down something but can’t find the will to begin typing. It is a very horrible feeling especially when one has a deadline looming.

When most students feel like this, they usually pay someone to write a paper or two for them via a custom essay writing service similar to CustomWritings. Even the most experienced of writers have days where their creative juices are not flowing as they usually do.

This article will look at a few ways a student can write a paper when they are not motivated. 

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Set Your Writing Goals 

When students are asked to write a dissertation by their tutor, for example, the task can be intimidating especially if they are told to produce an 18,000 to 20,000 words piece. To make the task easier, you can set goals and write them down in a diary. A daily word count can be set and once it is reached, you can record it in a diary. Goal setting is a very good way for you or any student to motivate themselves and get work done before the assignment deadline hits.

Set Your Deadlines 

Setting deadlines will keep you highly motivated to get your writing done on time. All you have to do is grab a calendar, set yourself some due dates for all your assignments or essays. This will inspire you to not miss the target you’ve set and help you find the motive to write. 

Type Your Work Now and Edit It Later 

Typing things down is a very important part of writing and when ideas are flowing, do not stop to edit anything. Carry on writing because this will make you forget very important details you wanted to add to your piece and momentum will be lost. When you feel that you’ve written all your ideas down, go back to them and edit.

Find a Good Writing Space 

All the world’s best writers have said that the secret to their success is a good writing spot. You need to find an area where you’re most comfortable because that’s where you’ll produce your best work. Do your best to ensure that this area that you choose is away from distractions, this is super important. If you’re at home, put your phone away and turn the radio or TV off. If you find music relaxing, and it helps you write, put some on but pick something that’s the low tempo or classical music, not heavy metal for example.

Commit to a Regular Writing Schedule 

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This is all about time management and when you get into a writing routine, it is easy to find the motive all the time. Schedule a particular time of the day to write and honor it without fail. Even if you have other things going on, make sure you show up in your writing area and get some writing done.

Think About Changing Your Thought Process 

The one thing many writers suffer from including college students is procrastination. Your paper will not write itself, and you need to keep reminding yourself that the only way things will get done is if you put the work in. You need to be mentally strong and fight off any temptations that tell you to push your writing back a day or two. Feel free to commit to write and stick to it, that’s the best approach.

Join a Writing Group of Like-minded People 

If you join a writing group, you will be interacting with people who will hold you accountable if you don’t deliver on your writing promise. The people in the writing group can not only be a great source of motivation, but also people you can turn to for advice. You can also have a friendly competition among each other and set up writing milestones. The first person to hit those milestones can win a prize.

Take a Break Whenever You Can 

When the ideas stop flowing, take a step back from the writing schedule you have. Do other things to refresh your brain like go out for a walk, exercise, or do something you’re passionate about. If this doesn’t get your creative juices flowing again, go back to your paper the next day. Listen to podcasts or watch TV during your spare time too. These outlets might be the source of inspiration you needed to get back to your paper and finish it off.

Try a Change of Scenery

If you do most of your writing at home and you’re stuck in a creative rut, change the scene. Go out of the house for a change and sit in a library or a coffee shop. Inspiration will come your way just by simply watching the world or people pass you by. 

Give Yourself a Reward 

If you use bribery to motivate yourself to write isn’t a bad thing at all. Promise to give yourself a special treat every time you hit your target like some chocolate, a nice meal at a restaurant, a present, and so on. This will give you an extra spring in your step through your writing journey. 

Read Books 

If ideas are hard to come by, try reading a book to switch on your creative engine. Reading content that is written by others will inspire you to get back to your work and finish it off. 

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Always keep in mind the reasons why you are writing your pieces in the first place. If you are seriously lacking in motivation and focus to get college papers written, the tips above will help you get back on track in building motivation quickly and effectively.

Not all those will work for everyone but it’s down to individual preferences and picking which ones work best. Procrastination is a habit you don’t want to get into as a student because it will slow down your academic progression. Use any of the tips above to get the job done and you’ll reap the rewards of your hard work in the end.