12 Stylish Lunch Boxes to Make Eating on The Go Easier – And Prettier

By Top.me

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You certainly don’t want to show up to your workplace with a lunch box from high school. Check out these 12 stylish and practical lunch boxes for adults for the perfect way to store your meals on the go. 

These stylish containers — including one with super herores! — might just inspire you to skip the lunch counter and cook something healthy. Try these 9 easy and healthy lunch box recipes instead of eating ready-made sandwiches.  

1) Stanley Lunch Box Cooler Set

Stanley Lunch Box Cooler Set

This lunch box set uses several layers of foam insulation to keep your food cool for hours. The included vacuum bottle is handy for keeping liquids cool, too.

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2) Frozzypack Lunch Box


Frozzypack Lunchbox

This cool lunch box come with a frozen cover that keeps food inside chilled and fresh for up to 7 hours. All you need to do is cool the gel cover in the freezer for a few hours to properly chill it and you are good to go.


3) Lunch Man Box

Lunch Man BoxLooking for a manly lunch box? This men’ lunch box kit may just be it.


4) Fit and Fresh Men’s Sporty Lunch Bag Kit

Fit and Fresh Men's Sporty Lunch Bag Kit

You’ll like this men’s lunch box so much that you’ll steal it from your man.

5) Yumbox Lunch Box

Yumbox Lunch Box

Light-weight and leak-proof Yumbox is more practical than stylish, but that may be just what is needed for everyday use.


6) Fresh ‘N’ Go Pinnacle Leakproof Thermo Lunch Box

Fresh 'N' Go Pinnacle Leakproof Thermo Lunch

This thermo lunch box keeps food hot for up to four hours and its leakproof  bottle is good for soups, juices and tea.

7) Unikia Lunch Box

Unikia Lunch Box

Beautiful and fashionable, this looks more like a hand bag than a lunch box. Bring your lunch in style!


8) Aladdin Expandable Snack Container

Aladdin Expandable Snack Container

It’s a magic lamp! Almost – as this set collapses & expands with ease to pack or store.


9) Masakazu Stylish Lunch Box

Masakazu Stylish Lunch Box

Bright, compact and stylish Japanese efficiency for lunch on the go. Sushi not included.


10) Monbento Original Bento Box

Monbento Original Bento Box

Bento is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine, and this is the box to carry it in style.


11) Super Friends Collectible Metal Lunch Box

Super Friends Collectible Metal Lunch Box

Channel your inner super hero with this metal lunch box. 


12) 6 Pack Fitness Innovator

6 Pack Fitness Innovator

This lunch box with a six pack is perfect for gym rats or those who just eat a lot. 


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