On the Go? Check out These 11 Smart Containers to Pack Your Lunch, Breakfast, Snacks and Drinks

By Top.me

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Whether you’re packing lunch for your kids or bringing your food to the office, these clever storage containers will make it easier. 

1) On-the-Go Milk and Cereal Container

On-the-Go Milk and Cereal Container

This cereal storage container is great for those who have breakfast at work or school. It comes with its own built in spoon and freezer gel to keep milk cold. No need to skip breakfasts anymore!


2) Dip to-Go Containers

Dip to Go Containers

Have a healthy snack on-the-go! Choose celery dip, carrot dip, grape or apple for a healthy snack on-the-run.


3) Salad on-the-Go Cup

Salad on the Go

Make midday meals picnic portable with this to-go cup. The BPA-free set includes a fits-into-the-lid cup for dips or dressings, as well as snap-on fork.


4) Vitamix to-Go Cup

Vitamix to-Go Cup

Use this cup with vitamix blenders or as a stand-alone travel cup. It allows you to blend individual servings and quickly take them to go even in the car as it fits almost any car holder.


5. Sip N Go Water Bottle

Sip and Go Water Bottle

This water bottle combines the convenient portability of bottled water with the eco-friendly concept of reusable containers.


6) Pure Flavor 2 Go

Pure Flavor 2 Go

If you crave the refreshing taste of fruit-infused water but prefer to take your H2O to go, this is the answer to your hydration frustration.


7) Baggies Snack and Sandwich Reusable Bags

Baggies Snack and Sandwich Reusable Bags

Take your commitment to a reusable lifestyle one step further by replacing your single-use sandwich bags with these.


8) Soup 2 Go Stay Fit

Soup 2 Go Stay Fit

This smart container takes your soup anywhere.


9) Aladdin Tea Infuser Mug

Aladdin Tea Infuser Mug

Don’t think you have time for tea? With this tea infuser mug you can have your favorite sip anywhere.


10) Blender Bottle SportMixer

Blender Bottle

This shaker come with a ball that easily mixes any drink, even a thick protein shake. Mix smooth, lump-free drinks on the go. We’ve tested this bottle. Check the review.


11) Keep Cup

Keep Cup

Coffee to go? This reusable takeaway coffee cup is bright and stylish and will keep your coffee hot for a long time.


Smart packing is important in our busy life. To make it easier and healthy here are 5 tips that help you eat healthy on-the-go and 10 tips on how to control your portions. Enjoy your life instead of counting calories all the time.