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Smooth or bumpy foam roller? If you prefer a smooth foam roller with no bumpy surface like “The Grid” (see our review) has, the OPTP Pro Foam Roller may be for you. Because it is durable and doesn’t deform easily, it is the go-to choice for many professional physical therapists, chiropractors, coaches and yoga instructors.

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OPTP Pro Foam Roller

OPTP Pro Foam Roller

The OPTP Pro comes in different firmness levels. The pink, the green and the blue come in soft and medium firmness. The black one is the hardest. The softer foam rollers are perfect for gentler self-massage, exercise and relaxation techniques.

The OPTP Pro foam roller is a pricier option, but there are a range of sizes and firmness levels available to meet your needs.

Here is a video review of the OPTP Pro Foam Roller:

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OPTP Pro Foam Roller
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