Sunny Health and Fitness Doorway Chin Up Bar Review


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This doorway pull-up bar has 4 stars on Amazon, is low-cost, and straightforward. It has a 220lb capacity and fits into any standard doorframe.

Sunny Health and Fitness Doorway Chin Up Bar

Sunny Health and Fitness Doorway Chin Up Bar

It features a sturdy, chrome plated steel bar and non-slip, soft padded hand grips ensure maximum stability and grip.

Reviews on Amazon state that one of the biggest advantages of the Sunny Health and Fitness Doorway Chin-Up Bar is that it can adjust from both ends to ensure that the grips stay in the middle. It can be installed with the metal cups provided or with plastic inserts, depending on what you prefer or what fits your doorframe better.

This chin-up bar can be installed in minutes and many reviewers say that it doesn’t need the provided cups, even for people up to 173lbs; for safety purposes, we highly recommend you do use them.

On the downside, the chin-up bar doesn’t include installation instructions, so if you have never bought a chin-up up bar before, it might be  confusing. However, the users have written out instructions in the comments of the Amazon page if you choose to buy this model. Some users have also complained about the quality of the screws, so it is recommended that you purchase high-quality Phillips screws to install it.

Review summary: Overall, this is a very good option if you are looking for a low-cost, straightforward doorway pull-up bar model. If you are looking for a non-telescopic doorway pull-up bar, we recommend the ProSource one (review) instead.

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Sunny Health and Fitness Doorway Chin Up Bar
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