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The Yes4All Ankle Weights set includes two ankle weights with removable weight packs. There are five weight bags on one ankle bracelet. Each sand-filled weight bag is around 0.6 lb, so the maximum weight of each ankle weight is 3 lbs.

Yes4All Ankle Weights

Yes4All Ankle Weights

The strap is adjustable for a customized fit. There is a zipper to remove and put in the weights without worrying about them falling out.

Reviews on Amazon note the ease of putting in and removal of the weights. Of course, the price of these ankle weights is very attractive. 

On the downside, as can be expected from the price, the quality of the materials, including the strap, is not the best. They can be irritating on the skin, and the strap may need readjusting in the mid of your workout.

For adjustable weight ankle weights, our top choice are the All Pro Ankle Weights (see review).

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Yes4All Ankle Weights
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