10 Quick, Family-Friendly Exercises to Fit Into Your Holidays

By Top.me

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Extra glass of wine, a second serving of grandma’s pies, and some more cookies? The holidays are meant to be experienced with your family through food and fun.  However, they may not only leave you with good memories, but an extra pound or two.

For this season, fitness trainer and nutritionist Maggy Boyd shares 10 quick exercises to fit into your busy holiday schedule. 

1) Family Walk

Walking not just gets you out of the house but increases cardiovascular fitness, strengthens bones, reduces excess body fat, and boosts muscle power and endurance. Invite everyone for a walk around the block after the holiday meal and before dessert.

Family Walking








2) Family Fitness

Take someone from the family to the gym! If there’s no gym, lead your family in your favorite cardio routine.

Fitness With Family








3) Push-Up Contest

Get competitive! Challenge your siblings or cousins to a push-up contest. Try one of these 10 killer push-up variations. Bet on who has to clean the dishes.

Pushup contest

4) Push-Up Planks

Pushup Plank with a Clap

  1. Lay parallel to a family member in the plank position.
  2. Hold a plank for 20 seconds, do a push up, and clap hands.
  3. Who can do more?

If it’s not enough for you, try this Power Plank Workout that targets all the muscles of the core.

5) Partner Sit Ups

Medicine Ball Sit Ups
















  1. Sit facing each other – with your feet on the inside of your partner’s legs.
  2. Rise high – and high-five!

If you have medicine ball or heavy object use it here.

  1. Take the medicine ball and lower down back onto the ground holding it overhead.
  2. Come forward, by crunching your abs and pass the ball to your partner.
  3. Your partner then performs the exercise.

6) Early Bird Running 

Running is the best way to really wake up in the morning. Set your alarm 1 hour earlier. Go on a 30-minute run, and then start the coffee for your family.

Morning Running

7) Hit the Stairs

Go back to your high school stadium and snake up the steps. Do a 20-minutes HIIT workout. 

Stadium Steps Running







8) Plank Your Strength

Elbow Plank with Press Ups

  1. Plank for 30 seconds on your elbows, after 30 seconds, press up to both hands, then return to your elbow.
  2. Repeat for 3 minutes.

9) Wall Squats

Wall Squats may look easy, but they are very effective for toning your legs and butt.

Bodyweight Wall Squat

  1. Wall Squat for 90-seconds or until fail. Repeat 5 times.

If you want something challenging, try these variations:

10) Build Abs of Steel

After all this food, it’s like having a weight plate on your for these abs exercises. Check these 8 moves for abs of steel or do abs exercises under the video: 15 repetitions and 3 sets of each.

[youtube url=”https://youtu.be/3N7ZPHnL2VA” width=”580″]



 Do 15 repetitions in 3 sets.

  1. Frog Sit Ups
  2. Air Bike
  3. Boat Pose
  4. Butt-Ups

And check this crazy effective partner abs workout.