Five Easy Ways to Live Longer


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Your health and longevity should be a top priority. After all- we all want to live a longer life and a more quality life. It truly is a sad thing when we see loved ones pass away who could have extended their lives with a few healthy changes. When it comes to increasing your longevity  – there are a few vital things that you need to take in consideration.

The five tips on this list are truly easy to incorporate into your life, regardless of how busy you are or whatever lifestyle you have. The key to increasing your longevity and living a healthier and more exuberant life is consistency. You need to make sure that you are making healthy choices consistently. Everybody eats bad food once in a while, has days when they don’t workout or do any physical activity, and consumes a moderate amount of alcohol. We all have done at least one or two of these things.

[spoiler title=”tl;dr – click to read summary” style=”fancy”] The five easy ways to live a longer quality life include eating fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, making sure that you always have anti-oxidants in your body, regularly exercise, have meaningful relationships and that you are drinking lots of water. [/spoiler]

The tips on this list will counteract these unhealthy choices, and ensure that your body fights the free radicals you are putting in your body during these tempting situations. Free radicals enter your body when you are stressed out, eat poorly, don’t exercise, consume alcohol, and taking in foreign substance into your body. Remember also that stress can cause a lot of health issues as well. Let’s take a look at these valuable tips.



Fruits and Veggies Daily

This is number one on the list for a reason. Some people are under the false assumption that you can eat like crap and just take a daily vitamin to get all of your vitamins and minerals per day. This is about the worst thing you can do for your body. While some multi vitamins are derived from whole foods, this is not a good insurance that you getting the right amount of vitamins and mineral on a daily basis – you still need to eat lots of fruits and veggies! Fruits and veggies will allow you to have all the necessary vitamins and minerals your body needs. Fruits and veggies are natural sources of the vitamins and minerals. Your body will be able to use these nutrients much better than any mechanically manufactured vitamin.

Antioxidants Daily

Antioxidants are very important in your diet. Antioxidants will help to kill the free radicals in your that you have – and you should make sure that you are consuming them on a daily basis. Between smoking, drinking, pollution and processed foods, we are all taking in free radicals regularly. You need to make sure that you are consuming adequate amounts of antioxidants so that you can fight the free radicals that enter your body. Some of the best sources of antioxidants are acai, blueberry, broccoli, green tea, white tea, matcha, pomegranate, coffee, and dark chocolate. Yes you read that right, coffee and dark chocolate. Since the American diet is so poor, coffee is actually the number one source of antioxidants! It is however best if you get your antioxidants from a variety of sources.

Exercise Consistently

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Exercising consistently is one of the best things you can do to increase your longevity and health. Exercise will reduce obesity and a multitude of other health problems. You will also be happier and more fit which will have a great impact on your personal well-being for the rest of your life. There are so many fun and exciting ways to exercise. You can play your favorite sport, lift weights, cross fit, plyometrics, High intensity interval training and swimming just to name a few! Make sure that you are exercising at least three or four days a week to get the most benefit out of it.

Have Meaningful Relationships

Many of you may find this as a surprise to be a part of the list but research has shown that people who have meaningful relationships, whether it be with your significant other, family or friends, tend to live longer and happier lives. If you find yourself isolating yourself from society – remember that meaningful relationships will bring you better health and longer meaningful life.

Drink Lots of Water

Something as simple as drinking lots of water can actually help you increase your quality of life and longevity. This is so incredibly easy to do! Most people do not drink enough water. There is actually an ENTIRE book written about all of the health benefits of drinking lots of water.  Drinking water is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body as your body is made up of a large percentage of water. Drinking water will ensure that your body is running efficiently and will flush all of the toxins out of your system daily. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day for optimal health and longevity.