Ultimate Body Press Sandbag Review: Sandbag Training for Core Strength

By Top.me

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Need an inexpensive and portable exercise equipment? The Ultimate Body Press Exercise Sandbag is awesome sandbag training tool to build core strength and full body fitness.   

Why the Sandbag is Awesome  

The sandbag builds great core strength. The main advantage of workouts with a sandbag is instability: being unstable and constantly shifting, it makes your body work to keep balance and control, activating your stabilizer muscles. 

The sandbag is an ideal tool for those who don’t like to lift heavy and don’t like to work on machines or consider them boring. There are lots of exercises and movements you can do, ranging from presses, curls and rows to those that can only be done with the sandbag, like bearhug walking or squatting, pizza tosses, shouldering, etc.

Ultimate Body Press Exercise Sandbag

Ultimate Body Press Exercise Sandbag

It improves grip strength. The Ultimate Body Press Exercise Sandbag has six grip handles; two on either end, two pairs of handles on the sides, a parallel set and an inline set, so it is easy to grab the sandbag more naturally from any position.

The sandbag is practical and safe as it’s perfect for carrying, dragging and throwing. The Exercise Sandbag by Ultimate Body Press is made of a heavy-duty, multi-handle outer shell: you can swing and slam it to the ground, rock, concrete or hoist it over your back. Thanks to the included three filler sand bags that have a double velcro closure you can be confident that all the sand will stay in the bag. 

Sandbag Workouts

Sandbag Workouts

It’s excellent for training while traveling. Just empty the sand out and pack the sandbag in your case. What is great about the new Ultimate Body Press Sandbag is that you can replace sand filler bags with water filler bags that hold the same weight and are easily filled up or lightened; so you tune the right weight of the sandbag for your best and most effective workouts. Water filler bags are a great alternative to vary your trainings even more and you don’t have to purchase or transport sand.  

Finally, it’s not expensive and perfect for those on a budget. 

The new Ultimate Body Press Sandbag is on sale for $49.95 with free shipping.  Click here to get your sandbag from UltimateBodyPress directly, or here to get it from Amazon.com

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